Facial treatment: First facial experience
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at an Esthetician’s room? Ever thought your skin could use a deep clean, but weren’t sure of the best way to get that clean glow? This article is to help you understand the ins and outs of a basic facial experience, so you can decide if a facial treatment is best for you!

Estheticians are often trained to deal with different skin issues such as acne, clogged or large pores, ageing, dull skin, eczema and more. Before beginning any treatment, your Facialist will sit down with you and assess your skin. By discussing your skin woes, desires, lifestyle habits, skincare routine, they can better understand why your skin is in its current state and how to move forward with treatment.

Facial treatment: First facial experience

Facial treatment steps 

After deciding the best treatment option, your esthetician will most likely with a skin cleanse, to remove any make-up or dirt. This is often followed by a facial steam. A steam allows the pores to soften and open up, if the pores are open it is easier to remove impurities without causing lasting skin damage or irritation.

After the skin is soft, cleansed, and warm from the steam – they will begin the extractions. Extractions should only be done during by professionals since they can cause scarring very easily if done at home. Depending on the deepness of your pimples – this can be a bit uncomfortable.

If you experience monthly periods, it is best to schedule your Facial appointments in the first two weeks after your period, as your skin is less sensitive and prone to irritation during that time.

After extractions, skin tends to be red, this is when your Esthetician will apply a mask specific to your skin type. They might use one or two masks in specific areas of your face/neck to ensure every part of your skin is treated the way it should be. Masks are usually followed by a high frequency treatment, but not always – ask your Facialist if you are interested in this addition. High Frequency is a non-invasive treatment that zaps bacteria and allows cells to regenerate faster. It is the cherry on top of a deep skin clean.

Lastly, a skincare regime is applied to your face that is customized to your skin type. Most often it includes a: toner, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. SPF post-treatment is extremely important to prevent scarring.

In fact, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure or applying any irritant such as vitamin A (retinoids/retinol), and follow up with daily SPF for a couple of days after receiving a facial as the skin can be slightly pink to red and more sensitive. We also recommend avoiding makeup for 24 hours post-facial treatment to let your skin heal and breathe.

Facial treatment: First facial experience

Facial treatment after care.

Your Esthetician might recommend a few products for you to try at home to keep your skin at its best. It may take multiple rounds of treatments to achieve your desired result – especially if your skin issue stems from an inner health issue. Chat with your Esthetician about any concerns you have and if they have any lifestyle recommendations to include in your daily routine that will help to boost skin health.

Hopefully this post answered most of your questions and concerns about a first-time facial treatment, if you have any further questions feel free to contact us. 

We offer a holistic skin consultation. If you may still have some doubts about the right treatment for you. Feel free to check our treatment menu.

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