About me


I am Alejandra. I graduated in cosmetology and aesthetics in 2014 in Colombia, where I was born.

I specialise in Spa therapies where I found a deep connexion helping others deal with stress. 

My carrier started in 2010 where I followed several massage courses and certifications. After working for two years in Spa hotels I decided to open my own tropical-themed spa, located two hours away by car from the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. While opening my business I decided to start Cosmetology and Aesthetics studies since I wanted to combine my knowledge with Aesthetics using a holistic approach. I never considered beauty as something superficial. I felt many times I was the different one on my class focusing on the wellbeing component of the treatments.  

At my Spa in Colombia I was doing massage therapies, Spa and holistic facial treatments. This was an amazing time for me. I found myself deeply in love with my profession. 

After four great years with my project. I decided to start a new adventure in France where I wanted to obtain a Spa management certification. I stayed two years in the country. I learned French and I had the pleasure to learn first hand about this culture. One of my favourite parts was the year I spent in Paris.

I obtained my Spa certification when I moved to the Netherlands with my boyfriend. I started again learning from a new culture, learning english as fast I could to be able to find a job in my field. I finally found a job in a  beauty clinic in the center of Amsterdam where I worked for two years before I decided to  jump into a new adventure with my beauty studio.  Aluna was born in 2020. 

Currently I am doing a Professional Gua Sha training.

meaning of the word aluna

Deep in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, surrounded by jungle, live the indigenous Kogi people. A culturally intact pre-Colombian society.

At the heart of the tribe's belief system is "Aluna" – a kind of cosmic consciousness that is the source of all life and intelligence as well as the mind inside nature".
Aluna contains everything which is past and everything that may become

Aluna is intelligence; it is the concentrated thought and memory which forms a bridge between the human ‘spirit’ and the universe, but it is also the hidden world of forces which govern the world’s fertility.


The Nunkhue – Photo credit ©️ Tristan Quevilly